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Welcome to my world. I’m proud to present to you MIMUSA , Makeup and Hair by Alicia Robles and my partner Susanna Lemus.


We team together to form an amazing makeup and hairdressing tandem where we blend to make your D-day just the way you imagined.


In MIMUSA you can find the comfort that you are looking for in order to enhance your beauty and get a radiant look. We do interviews to get to know you better and we also offer skincare and hair enquires to assist you and make you look spectacular. We can also sort out the best brushes and combs that best suit you to find your essence.


Don’t forget to check out our amazing packages for your guests!


We don’t forget our male counterparts! We also offer our services for men.


There’s only one question left to ask… Do you want to join us in this adventure?


Well… long live the newly-weds!


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