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Alicia Robles Peluquera Barcelona

Barcelona, 1993.

My story begins when I was little and everything related to art caught my attention. Feeling like an authentic "Art Attack" geek was my passion. I always had a brush in my hands, always ready to use it.

When I finished my high school studies, I decided to start my way towards what I had always dreamed of; so I graduated in CS Characterization and professional Makeup together with CS Stylism and hairdressing management at Salvador Seguí school, in Barcelona. However, being a restless person I always wanted to learn more and more, so I kept pushing myself to master other fields and techniques.

I learned how to work with wigs, I improved my knowledge about FX and I wanted to perfect the technique in social make-up and fashion. All of this led me to visit Bôgart Make-up in Madrid, Stick Art Studio in Barcelona and some professional make-up artists in Valencia.

Finally, here I am with more than 6 years of experience working in television, filming, advertising, videoclips, fashion, events and weddings. I consider myself to be a daring person with great creative ideas to contribute to new projects. I am a perfectionist as well as a very disciplined, orderly and decisive person in the face of adversity.

I love to help people discover a new side of them that can be exploited to the fullest. I am a team player and love to feel like I’m working in a family. Last but not least, I love to make people feel beautiful and make them smile.

Willing to travel around the world.

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Hear out my latest news! I am slowly changing my briefcase towards a better world.

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Alicia Robles.

"The Show must go on"

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